From USMC to UX
Jonathan Chin

Roll Call 2.0

Redesigning the digital experience for Team Rubicon volunteers from IA to UI


Roll Call 2.0

Nov 2016 - Feb 2017

In 2014, Team Rubicon used Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) as a makeshift Volunteer Management System (VMS) known as Roll Call. 

Two years later, the system had a number of disparate visual styles in addition to an undocumented and unregulated taxonomy and site architecture and a lack of meaningful content. User frustration was high and vocally expressed through social media, the help desk, and e-mails.

Though hired initially as a volunteer engagement associate, I took on the challenge of improving the user experience of Roll Call. The team composed of myself and a junior freelance developer.


Roll Call 2.0 Home Page



Information Architecture

The first step was to audit the current information architecture, including the site map, taxonomy, and security. Part of the process also included creating a content inventory of our curriculum, capabilities, and other products.

I conducted remote user interviews to understand how volunteers and volunteer leaders interacted with Roll Call in its current state.

Example of new IA

Remote user interview with volunteer

User Insight: What Now?

Even after participating in an event, volunteers found the digital experience halting and disjointed, constantly asking themselves, “What Now?” The only way to reliably continue participation in the organization was to know someone who could help you navigate the site or inform you of upcoming events. Users wanted to be able to find that same information for themselves in the portal.

Personas and User Journey

Using previous market research data, our user base was roughly broken into three segments: new volunteers, fully trained volunteers, and volunteer leaders.

With in-house data and user interviews, we were also able to create 6 personas. Those personas combined with user journeys helped with the creation and design of new landing pages and revised content management.

Personas made using Xtensio

Volunteer Leader Home Page Wireframe

Design System and Prototyping

This was one of my first experiences with visual design. With no background in visual design, but having intensively studied Frost's Atomic Design theory, I created a rudimentary design system using our marketing brand guide and reverse engineering HTML components from our main website. The system made it easier for the developer and I to quickly build out HTML prototypes and create visual consistency throughout Roll Call.


  • New Information architecture including new site map, new security permissions, as well as a content inventory with documentation.

  • Discovered the goal and needs of users for the volunteer management system and created new content to facilitate their journeys.

  • Different landing pages for each persona with continued testing and iterations.

  • Unique page views for training increased from 300-500% with 40% of traffic from new pages.


New pages




Increase in unique training page views