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Jonathan Chin

Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities

Feb 2017 - Jun 2017

Our previous research revealed that volunteers desired a guided online experience in order to learn more about their opportunities in the organization.

In this small project, I wanted to learn more about how our volunteers learned about training opportunities and what content they hoped to find. I focused on our Chainsaw program, our most popular training program, in order to be able to take the lessons learned to create a template for ‘training’ pages.


User Research

1-on-1 remote user interviews are my most effective ways of communicating with volunteers and I continued the practice for this project. In addition to volunteers that had and hadn’t taken Chainsaw training, I interviewed a number of instructors, particularly focused on what they wish the students knew before coming to the training.

In addition to user interviews, I conducted stakeholder interviews with the Training department in order to collect content and verify processes and workflows. 

User Insight: Viewing opportunities as products

The organization tended to view opportunities as events on a schedule. However, to our users each training program as a product that wanted to know the requirements, expectations, and add-ons for, not just the time it was going to happen. This even inspired my first UX blog post.

Usability Testing

I conducted 8 remote usability tests of clickable Axure wireframes. I learned that while volunteers liked the new layout and additional information, volunteers also searched for opportunities by the calendar, not by the opportunity type.

User Insight: “I log into Roll Call and check the calendar when I know I have a free weekend to see if there is anything I can do.”

Guerilla Testing

Our project intersected with our national conference, attended by hundreds of volunteers. Using this opportunity, I created a booth that allowed volunteers to do a modified dot vote on specific designs and also speak with me about their decision making. Overnight, we worked with a developer to create prototypes based on the feedback and conducted another round of voting.

Product Page Wireframe


The project is still ongoing, but the findings from the research are foundational to our product roadmap and has helped establish the value of user experience research in the organization.




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